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There are a number of websites that we like and we would like to give you some details of them below:

Oulala is almost certainly the world’s most sophisticated fantasy football game. It is online and follows the actions of players in all five of the main European football leagues. Real time updates of your team’s performance on your smartphone, tablet or computer! This is an amazing and very addictive game.

This is a Maltese based destination wedding planner. The owner, Mauro Gasan, creates one of a kind dream wedding ceremonies and fantasy land experiences. Couples and their families visit Malta and then have an amazing few days that will live on in their memories forever.

To many of us, the world of digital currencies and alt coins are from a fantasy world. The technology is so sophisticated that few people truly understand it. And yet, Bitcoin has the power to change the world. It is potentially the most disruptive technology in existence. This site explains Bitcoin in a way that we amateurs and technophobes can (mostly) understand.

For many wealthy individuals and small business owners, a private aircraft is their number one dream and it really is a fantasy fulfilled when they can purchase one. But these craft are expensive. How do you purchase your dream and no go bankrupt in the process? It turns out that some jurisdictions are more favourable than others…

How do people in Malta afford their yachts and amazing apartments? A very large percentage of them work in the gaming sector. In 2004 Malta established a friendly set of regulations that has attracted the cream of the crop to the country for their lower tax bills. This site helps you to understand the landscape.

In a similar league to the private aircraft is the yacht and super yacht as a fantasy status symbol. As with the aircraft, some locations are very expensive for ownership, while other “flags” are much more amenable to foreign owners.

Websites we love!